Frequently Asked Questions

How many properties does 2nd Wind typically do per year?

A normal year for us is somewhere in the range of 80-100 houses. This kind of volume allows us to work closely with investors to provide the highest quality properties.

How many buyers do you have?

We only have 1 buyer for Louisville and the surrounding areas. We feel that our close knit team runs smoothly and efficiently. However, as we grow and expand, new areas will most likely require new buyers.

Is 2nd Wind solely a property wholesaler?

No. Though connecting our investors to wholesale property is our bread and butter, we also hold and rent properties, as well as do our own flips from time to time.

Do you have one or a team of contractors that does your properties?

We have a team of contractors, who do great work and with whom we are proud to work.

How does 2nd Wind obtain these leads on wholesale properties?

All of our leads are generated through vigorous advertising campaigns, networking, and good old-fashioned hard work.

Where do you obtain funds for all of these properties?

Our experience and success in the industry has allowed us to be fully self-funded.

How many people make up 2nd Wind?

4 wonderful people. Our close-knit, efficient group works together smoothly, each taking on vital roles in our operation.