Investing during Covid-19

Investing In Real Estate During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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This pandemic is unlike anything we have experienced before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t apply what we already know. Major economic shifts mean major opportunities for those who are looking and keeping their heads above water.  Keep your wits. A lot of people will be panicking. This is no doubt a serious issue, and we do not want to …

Renting Versus Buying

Renting Versus Buying In Louisville Kentucky

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At 2nd Wind Properties we believe Real Estate is the best way for the average American to obtain financial security while seeing the greatest return on their monetary investments. This sentiment is backed up by 2018 data from the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF), which states that private market commercial Real Estate returned an average of 9.85% over the …

How to Sell Your Home Fast

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If you have ever attempted to sell your home in Louisville you probably know that it can be both an exciting and stressful venture. Under the best circumstances your home may fly off the market leaving you with the cash you were after and an easy transition into your next investment; but under poor circumstances you may be left with …

Renovation Projects

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Sometimes we at 2ndWind get the itch to dabble in a little fix and flip in addition to our normal wholesale properties. Check out some of the before and after photos of a few of our renovations. Westport Road Reno Laurel Drive Jeffersonville

Hard Money Loan

Easy Transactions With ‘Hard Money’ 8 Questions With Chris McCarty of Flippin Loan.

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At 2nd Wind Llc. we are dedicated to equipping our investors with the best information possible in order for them to be successful in real estate. This week we’ve sat down with one of our preferred lending partners: Chris McCarty, from ‘FlippinLoan’ to answer a few common questions about what he does and how utilizing a hard money lender can …

Property Leads

The 3 L’s Of Property Lead Generation

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How To Find Great Investment Real Estate Properties And Leads Shows like ‘Flip or Flop’ and ‘Fixer Upper’ glamorize the simplicity and availability of finding great investment properties to flip or hold but real investors know it’s not as easy as the tv shows make it seem in practice. Finding great properties before they hit the market is truly a skill that …

Inverted Yield Curve & What It Means For Real Estate Investing… Alt. Recession Proof Investing

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You have probably heard it all over the news – Investors are spooked by a scenario known as the “inverted yield curve,” which occurs when the interest rates on short-term bonds are higher than the interest rates paid by long-term bonds. What it means is that people are so worried about the near-term future that they are piling into safer …

Senior Home Buying

How to Sort the Various Senior Living Options

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Senior home care often necessitates buying a new, more accessible, home, remodeling one’s current home, or moving to an assisted living facility or retirement community. Many of our sellers are older and are seeking the best option for their happiness and financial future and we understand the struggles that these homeowners may incur with old age. We have partnered with …