Why We Wholesale Properties.

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Louisville and its surrounding areas are going through a modern day renaissance. Neighborhoods that have been blighted for the past 50 years are making tremendous comebacks: Nulu, Germantown, Shelby Park, and much of the cities core has scene historic growth in the past 10 years largely impart to the efforts of investors.

Real Estate investment offers several key advantages over other types of investments: potentially higher returns, stability, inflation hedging, and diversification- this is bolstered by the fact that Louisville, KY is widely considered one of the top 15 best Real Estate investment markets in the country. But that’s not the only thing that drives investors, this is especially true at 2nd Wind.

It’s obvious that local investors have an incredible opportunity to capitalize on a lucrative real estate environment but they also have an incredible opportunity to take ownership of their city and help raise and develop their communities.

In addition to our flips we focus on the wholesale aspect of investing because we believe in cutting out as many middleman as possible as a way to create the greatest value for potential buyers and the community. We strive to help our sellers get out of properties that no longer serve their needs, and into the hands of our investor network that is ready to take the property to the next level as quick as possible. As wholesalers we specialize in identifying and purchasing quality properties that provide unique opportunities to our growing network. We understand how competitive real estate can be. Wholesaling allows us the opportunity to do the dirty work for investors allowing them to purchase properties before they reach MLS and the mass market. This cuts down on frenzied competition and generally lowers prices and closing times.

In order to find properties not yet listed through MLS, wholesalers use a variety of ways to gather information and target potential sellers, 2nd Wind utilizes HomeVestors as a large part of our property finding strategy. To expedite the selling process we purchase all of our properties in cash and use our property coordinators to facilitate quick transactions.

Our unique process allows even the most novice investors a streamlined path to finding their next cash flow generating property.

Real Estate investing really is about who and what you know, we rely on our years of experience to evaluate properties and our extensive network with lenders, contractors, and buyers improve our process. View our partners.

We value hard work, honesty, and competitiveness within the industry. We strive to be Louisville’s Premier Real Estate Investment Team and our track record of success continues to move us towards that goal.

We believe that sometimes whether you are looking to purchase or sell a property all you need is a little push to get over the finish line to financial security. The name “2nd Wind” came from our desire to provide the helping-hand our investors need to make it through the buying process and take their portfolio to the next level.

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