How to Sell Your Home Fast

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If you have ever attempted to sell your home in Louisville you probably know that it can be both an exciting and stressful venture. Under the best circumstances your home may fly off the market leaving you with the cash you were after and an easy transition into your next investment; but under poor circumstances you may be left with …

Renovation Projects

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Sometimes we at 2ndWind get the itch to dabble in a little fix and flip in addition to our normal wholesale properties. Check out some of the before and after photos of a few of our renovations. Westport Road Reno Laurel Drive Jeffersonville Please follow and like us:

Property Leads

The 3 L’s Of Property Lead Generation

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How To Find Great Investment Real Estate Properties And Leads Shows like ‘Flip or Flop’ and ‘Fixer Upper’ glamorize the simplicity and availability of finding great investment properties to flip or hold but real investors know it’s not as easy as the tv shows make it seem in practice. Finding great properties before they hit the market is truly a skill that …

Senior Home Buying

How to Sort the Various Senior Living Options

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Senior home care often necessitates buying a new, more accessible, home, remodeling one’s current home, or moving to an assisted living facility or retirement community. Many of our sellers are older and are seeking the best option for their happiness and financial future and we understand the struggles that these homeowners may incur with old age. We have partnered with …

Using The BRRR Strategy To Build A Rental Empire

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Renting a property usually isn’t what grabs the attention of would-be investors especially when compared to the alluring ’quick cash’ of a fix and flip. But, by keeping in mind several key investment principles and using a few savvy financing moves, a quality rental portfolio can not only make you cash in the short term it can also build true …

How to Buy Multiple Properties With Little Money.

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Ever wonder how real estate newcomers who don’t have a ton of cash are able to keep buying investment properties? The answer for many savvy investors is the use of a “cash out refinance”. A cash-out refinance is the action of taking out a new mortgage on your property to pull out your accrued equity; this option can free up …